Tooth Kandy–What is it, and is it Safe?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

Many celebrities have started to accessorize their teeth by using a permanent decoration called Tooth Kandy. The practice of installing one of these decorative pieces of jewelry is not a new fashion trend. Tooth Gems were popular in the ‘90s. You could wear these gems on one or several teeth.  In the early 2000s, celebrities would put jewels and metal in their mouths by wearing a “Grill”. The “Grill” was a custom-fitted mouthpiece accessory that you can easily remove when needed. This is not the case with Tooth Kandy.

What is Tooth Kandy?

Installing Tooth Kandy may seem fashionable at the moment. But, these modifications can last for years and are not easily changed. Tooth Kandy is a permanent piece of jewelry that is cemented into the enamel of the tooth using professional orthodontic grade materials. Much like braces or fillings, only dentists and orthodontists should use these types of materials. The purchase and use of these types of modifications can cause severe and permanent harm to healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth Kandy is a trend that does not care about long term care. Insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, or loss and damage to the jewels. That can get pricey, if you’re using rare gems like diamonds or rubies. The procedure is purely cosmetic and does not offer any health benefit to the patient. The jewels and bling from these gemstones and precious metals might be appealing from up close, but from far away most people look like they have giant pieces of food stuck in their teeth.

Should I Get Tooth Kandy?

Our team at Millenium Family Dental in Meridian want to keep you and your family’s teeth beautiful and healthy. Tooth Kandy could not only cause damage to your teeth and gums in the long term, it can cause everyday problems immediately. Your daily tooth care should include brushing and flossing, but Tooth Candy can make that difficult. Your toothbrush could catch on the jewelry. The gems can cut your tongue, gums, and the inside of your lips from just speaking or eating. Your Meridian family dentist strongly urges patients not to purchase these types of permanent tooth modification. But, if you are interested in getting a brighter smile or want to fix small imperfections, contact us today to learn more about our Meridian cosmetic dentistry services!