Meet the Team

Starla | Insurance & Finance Coordinator

Team Member Starla, Insurance and Finance CoordinatorStarla Sauvageau serves in a key role as the Insurance and Finance Coordinator at our Meridian dentistry. “I help people solve their insurance issues and coordinate their treatment plans with their individual finances,” she says. “At the end of the day, they get the treatment they need and I feel good because I helped make that happen!”

A Caldwell, ID, native, Starla graduated from Boise State University’s dental assisting program in 2004. She has a thorough knowledge of the dental field, in which she has worked for 11 years. “I’m a multitasker,” she says, adding that being successful in her job is the thing she is most proud of.

When she’s not lining up treatment and payment plans for patients, Starla is home with her husband, Josh and two kids, Katelynn and Noah. “I’m a homebody,” she laughs, admitting “but if I had a year off to do anything, it would definitely be back to back cruises all over the world with my family.”

Jamee | RDH

Team Member Jamee, RDHJamee Burnham is a professional RDH with 10 years of experience and a genuine love for the industry. “I got braces when I was 12,” she recalls, “and I was hooked on the idea of working with dentists.” Jamee assists Dr. Smith and Dr. Gerard with their patients’ oral issues. She helps clean teeth, taking radiographs and perio measurements, monitoring dental health, helping with diagnoses, placing sealants, and applying fluoride.

Jamee grew up in Boise where she and her family still live. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene, and is a certified Dental Assistant. She keeps her RDH training up to date with 24 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years. “I love working with such a dedicated team” she says. “The best part of my job is knowing that at the end of the day I impacted the overall health of my dental patients and that I have helped and contributed to our practice’s success.”

When she’s not steering patients towards brighter, healthier smiles, Jamee is hanging out at home with family. She has married her high school sweetheart 17 years ago, and the couple has three children. “We attend all our children’s sporting events, and spend a lot of time with extended family, hiking, going to movies, or getting ice cream,” she relates. “I love the mountains, and would spend all my time hiking, hunting, or fishing up there if I could!” Jamee supports the American Cancer Society, and is an active member of the PTA.


Erin Shea is one half of the Front Office team. She is proud to be the first person many patients see when they arrive at the practice! “I extend a happy welcome to every patient, get them signed in, and then I see them again when they check out at the end of their appointment,” she says. “I always ask how their visit was, and it’s great to hear people talking about their positive experiences!”

Erin grew up in the Tacoma area of Washington State and moved with her husband to Idaho in 2014. She has her Dental Assisting Technical Degree and 10 years of experience. She also says she knew she wanted to work in the dental field since she was a child. “I wanted to be an orthodontist,” she admits, adding “I came close – I work in a dental office! I help people, and that’s the most important part of my job.”

Erin lives in Meridian with her husband, Danny; pet dog, Josie, and three cats, Wyatt, Leonard, and Morgan. “A perfect weekend is spending time with my husband and dog,” she says. “We can go fishing, or visit the batting cages. It’s a great life!”

Kristy | Chief Operations Officer

Team Member Kristy, Chief Operations ManagerChief Operation Officer, Kristy Treasure, oversees daily business operations. She also reports key performance data to the practice owners. “I serve as a liaison between the doctors and managing staff,” she says. “24 years ago, I started here as a chair-side assistant and progressed through just about every aspect of the dental practice learning this place inside and out!”

Kristy spent her early childhood years in Sandusky, OH (home of Cedar Point, where she gained her love for roller coasters).She spent the majority of her elementary and high school years in Arizona. Then, she moved to Council, Idaho where she graduated high school in 1988. Upon high school graduation she enrolled at ITT Technical Institute to earn her cosmetology license. Kristy worked as a cosmetologist while going to Boise State University and also attending American Institute of Health Technology where she earned her RDA certificate. “Growing up in a family with a healthcare background, I also grew to have a love of caring for people,” she recalls. “I knew dentistry would be not just a job, but a career that would allow me to care for people in a less invasive way than most health professions!”

Kristy celebrated her 23rd anniversary with her husband Zayne this year. They have a daughter, Kendra, who is attending college at CWI and a son, Trey, who is a senior in high school. Kristy says, “My perfect weekend would be watching my son play baseball or enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s a dive in the mountains, hiking or barbequing with family and friends.” Given a month off to travel, Kristy says, it would be someone tropical where she and Zayne could enjoy the scenery but also do some humanitarian work.

Alexis | Hygiene Coordinator

Team Member Alexis, Hygiene CoordinatorFor Hygiene Coordinator Alexis Doronio, busy workdays include verifying insurance benefits, helping maintain the hygiene schedule, answering phones, and checking out patients. “Working here, you really feel like you are all working towards a common goal,” she says. “I’m constantly challenged in the best possible way, and I love helping the hygiene team grow!”

Alexis grew up in Mountain Home, ID, and currently lives in Meridian, Idaho. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. She also achieved her Dental Assisting Certificate through the College of Western Idaho. She says: “I hated the dentist when I was a child and was referred to a specialist because I was such a bad patient. When I went to the specialist she was so kind and made me feel safe, so I really admired her. I decided I wanted to look into the dental field, and quickly fell in love with it!”

Alexis married her high school sweetheart, Kaeo, and says her biggest inspiration in life is her dad, saying, “He is very smart and hard-working. He’s always taught me that hard work pays off and to keep working toward my long term goals – even when they seem far away. Given a year off to do whatever she wanted, Alexis says, “I would fulfill a huge dream I’ve had of going to Greece and take my husband, siblings and my parents along.”

Jennifer | Office Manager

Team Member Jennifer, Office ManagerOffice Manager Jennifer Viquelia has been working at the practice for 8 years. She assists the doctors and helps the rest of the team to provide the best possible care to our patients. “I always wanted to help people,” she says, adding “I love working here, because the doctors, staff, and patients are all just like family!”

Jennifer is from Boise, ID, and has her Certificate in Dental Assisting. She recalls going to the dentist as a child and the medical smell that permeated the office. “We have such better technology now, and can provide treatment with minimal discomfort,” she comments. “I think that’s the biggest thing people get wrong about the dentist – they remember it being painful, and don’t realize it doesn’t have to be that way.”

When she’s not helping with patients or supporting other staff, Jennifer is at her new home in Star, Idaho with her husband, Shayne, and the couple’s two 2 girls, Kealia and Jahzelle. “We like playing in the sunshine, spending time outside, or camping in the Pine and Featherville area,” she says. “I would also love to travel the world with my family, volunteering in clinics or schools helping children!”

Cailin | RDH

Team Member Cailin, RDHFor Cailin Beaudoin, Dental Hygienist, she spends her days in patient care and education. “As a dental hygienist, I spend my day interacting with my patients discussing their concerns, needs, and wishes as they pertain to their mouth and overall health,” she says. “I provide oral health instructions and education to help my patients obtain optimal oral health, so they can have healthy, beautiful smiles!”

Cailin is from California, but moved to Idaho when she was 7 years old. She achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Boise State University. She also got another Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene through Idaho State University. From a long family of RNs, Cailin said something about the mouth called to her when she was choosing her career. “The mouth can reveal so many secrets pertaining to the health of the overall body, it’s truly fascinating!” she says.

Cailin has been married to her husband, Chris, for five years, and the happy couple owns two dogs they rescued from the Idaho Humane Society.

Wendy | RDH

Team Member Wendy, RDHMeridian Dental Hygienist Wendy Brunk says her priority is helping her patients achieve the best oral health possible. She achieves this through education and providing excellent care. “It’s important to me to get to know my patients and find out what is important to them,” she says. “The most rewarding part about my job is making patients who come to our office feeling anxious actually feel comfortable in my chair and excited to come back for their next appointment!”

Wendy grew up in Shoshone, ID, and moved to Pocatello after graduating high school to get her education in dental hygiene. She achieved a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Idaho State University, and then moved to Boise. “I have been with Dr. Smith and Dr. Gerard ever since I graduated in 2009,” she says. “I love working with doctors and a staff that truly care about their patients and want to give them the best care possible.”

Wendy met her husband, Christian, when they were both attending Idaho State University. They enjoy attending local sporting events. They are season ticket holders to both Hawks baseball games and BSU basketball games. They spend spare time out of doors with their chocolate lab, Cali, whom Wendy affectionately calls “Our only child… for now!”

Jana | RDH

Team Member Jana, RDHWhen Jana Fieldsted shows up for work wearing her Dental Hygienist scrubs, she focuses on building relationships with the patients she sees and the co-workers she spends her days with. She is striving constantly for excellence in preventive and whole-health dentistry.

A native of Caldwell, Jana moved to Meridian five years ago. She holds an Associate’s Degree of Science, and is a Registered Dental Hygienist with 13 years of experience in the dental industry. “I try not to focus just on the mouth, but the person attached to it!” she says, adding that she thrives on the one-on-one experiences she gets with patients.

Jana is 4 years married, and says she has “a 2 year old daughter, a 9 year old step-daughter, and two ankle biting pups!” Days off start with getting in her gym time, then lazy walk with daughters and dogs. Sunday means church time and a family dinner. If given a chance to travel, Jana says the destination doesn’t really matter as long as her family is with her. But, she admits she could enjoy seeing exotic places and exotic animals.

Joannah | RDH

Team Member Joannah, RDHHygienist Joannah Connaughton is always on the lookout for periodontal disease in the mouths of her patients. She always wants to educate them on home care, prevention, and treatment. “My parents didn’t go to the dentist,” she recalls. “I remember the first time I went in for a cleaning and I loved the way my mouth felt afterwards.”

Joannah grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and currently lives in Meridian, ID. She has her Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, and completed an advanced accreditation in periodontal disease called Modular Periodontal Therapy. With 20 years of experience, Joannah says the best part of her job is the feeling she gets when the education she’s giving “clicks” in a patient’s head, and when they manage to stop the progress of gum disease.

Joannah has 3 children, one in college and two at home. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was 9, and was supported through her treatment by Camp Rainbow Gold. “They take survivors and their families away to forget their troubles for a bit,” she says. “I think that camp is the one thing that helped my daughter most, and I will always strive to support their cause!” Joannah spends her off time lying on the beach, reading, and enjoying her perfect back yard. She says she’d like to go on a safari to Africa someday and do charitable work.

Vanessa | Dental Assistant

Team Member Vanessa, Dental AssistantDental Assistant Vanessa handles sterilizing instruments, cleaning and and setting up rooms for various procedures, making patients comfortable, and assisting the dentists. “I love working with the whole staff – it’s like going to work every day with your best friends,” she says. “We’re like a big extended family!”

Vanessa is a Meridian native. She achieved her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from the College of Western Idaho, followed by her Dental Assistant Certification. “I had a friend when I was growing up who had discolored teeth,” she remembers. “She was always so self-conscious, but then she got her teeth fixed, and she was so happy – she said for the first time ever, she felt pretty. I realized how much a smile can change things, and wanted to be a part of making that happen for other people.”

Vanessa married “the love of my life and my best friend: my husband David” and says her three dogs and a cat are her kids for now. Her mother and brother live in Idaho, and family time is the focus on days off. “We love spending the day out on the lake with our family and friends and our dogs, then coming home and having a BBQ with everyone,” she says. Vanessa would like to take her mom and husband on a trip to Kauai someday, and soak up the sun before coming back to enjoy life at home.

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