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Come to Millennium Family Dental for complete health dentistry in Meridian, ID

We are currently accepting new patients, and we would love the chance to get to know you! Our office is located right off of Millennium Way, near Majestic Theater and Mountain View High School. If you have questions about how to get to our office, feel free to call us for directions.

We offer a wide array of appointment times, including emergency dental visits. If you have a dental emergency, contact our office right away to get in touch with one of our dentists in Meridian.

Brandon Pieper, DDS

Randall B. Smith, DMD

Jake D. Gerard, DMD

What Our Patients Are Saying

So happy with the service. Friendly Staff. Very helpful with answering any questions you may have. Took me in on Time.
09:03 17 Oct 19
I usually don't leave reviews but I want to share our amazing experience with Dr. Piper and his assistant and the hygienist. My husband has had very bad...
Patricia C.
Patricia C.
20:30 16 Oct 19
Very professional and relaxing experience from start to finish. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. There examinations are very in depth. I worked with Sheli almost the whole time. She is very passionate about with she does and very easy to get along with and you felt confident that you were in good hands. My doctor was Dr. Pieper who was also very easy to get along with and really relaxed. He was very quick and to the point about everything and all my questions were answered in terms I could understand. Thank you for an awesome experience.
A Bart254
A Bart254
15:52 15 Oct 19
I have to say this was the most pleasant dental visit I have ever had and I'm 66 years old! Jamie, the hygienist, was so nice, explained everything she was going to do and , best if all, there was no pain involved! I'm confident that the same will hold true with future visits.
Mary Schrag
Mary Schrag
18:13 03 Oct 19
My first visit for cleaning and check up, very good communication before appt, nice modern office, liked the music, staff were all very friendly. Joanna, did a very thorough job of X-rays and checks, she was very nice and knowledgeable, and did a great job cleaning and pointing things out. Dentist was very professional. Liked the annual maintenance package, seemed like a good value!
Garry Plimmer
Garry Plimmer
15:45 17 Sep 19
At first this place seemed like a great dental practice, but unfortunately the front office staff ruined the experience. Not only do they give improper insurance estimates, they also unscheduled or move your appointment time without telling you. Often times there is a packed waiting room and you end up waiting to get take back for your appointment a good 30 minutes later than it was scheduled for. Do not recommend.
Remo Jones
Remo Jones
18:59 16 Sep 19
A pounding toothache had me searching for an emergency dental appointment online. Fortunately, I filled out an online request and received a call from Jennifer who found an opening with Dr Gerard and Lauren at Millennium Dental. What a wonderful outcome. They took care of my aching tooth and I met a great dentist. I would recommend them highly.
Sue Lenon
Sue Lenon
20:15 03 Sep 19
First visit to the dentist in six years. I was very anxious to go back. Luckily my teeth weren't awful esp for not ever having braces. The receptionists...
Justin H.
Justin H.
10:48 19 Jul 19
I am not one to usually give reviews. Although, I am concerned about the attention to detail at this clinic. I took my 3 children in yesterday for their 6 month exams. They all three are new to the office for cleanings. I had to end up paying a bill at the end of our visit that was an unexpected $294 for my son’s sealants. I was asked if we wanted them, but thinking they had checked that insurance covered these, I said yes. The amount was never disclosed to me. I was given a response at checkout, “I’m sorry they never told you.” I never once met with the doctor about some major concerns about my son’s wisdom teeth, only the hygienist, which I found strange. If it was a simple visit it wouldn’t have bothered me, but wisdom teeth? Also, at check out I asked to schedule a return 6 month exam for my 3 children, but only two were booked. I noticed in an e-mail tonight confirming their appointment. I thought all three were booked as we were scheduling. My kid’s names were never mentioned at the appointment scheduling, so I assumed that all three were being scheduled since all the paperwork for them was sitting right there. Everyone was kind and I appreciate that, but honestly, coming up with $300 on the spot is ridiculous, and not having all the kids scheduled at the next appointment shows me that there is a lack of attention to detail. My youngest daughter had to come in for fillings in January as a new patient, and the doc was great with her. However, the last visit for one of her fillings the hygienist forgot to give my child nitrous oxide even though it should have been in the notes that she needed it for every visit because of her high anxiety. They gave the nitrous to her the first two visits. I couldn’t figure out why she was so antsy, tense, and looking so uncomfortable. Then I realized they hadn’t given it to her. I asked if they had and they said no. I suppose I should have reminded them, but I figured they should have known. I gave them some leeway thinking, okay, we’re all human. Again, attention to detail is missing. I’m really debating if this is where I want to continue. I really, really want to like this place. I miss my retired dentist that we had for 13 years, that knew us by name, who became a friend to our family, and made us love him the minute we met him. I miss a place where the staff knew us and who were aware of insurance details, gave us educated information, knew my children’s fears, and truly did everything in their power to make us all happy the minute we met them. Am I asking too much? Maybe.
Rebekah Stewart
Rebekah Stewart
08:06 17 Jul 19
Our family has had both good and bad experiences at Millenium. Dr. Gerard is really good with the kids. Brooke and Jana are wonderful. And Starla is our...
MaryBeth H.
MaryBeth H.
17:34 10 Jul 19
They do a fantastic job for both myself and my toddler! Very thorough, very kind, and view oral health as vital to the health of the whole body. I would...
Taylor P.
Taylor P.
11:32 15 May 19

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Our Services

Our three dentists, Randall B. Smith, D.M.D., Jake D. Gerard, D.M.D., and Brandon Pieper, D.D.S., bring years of experience to our office. Through private practice and an extensive dentistry knowledge base, our qualified clinicians provide our patients with a wide range of services, including:

Detailed explanations of these procedures are available on this website. Through careful, complete, and artistic dentistry, we will work to get you the smile of your dreams.

Our Practice Philosophy

The Gold Standard for Dental Care

Our Meridian dentists believe in offering personalized, quality dental care. We base our services on each patient’s individual dental and health goals. You make all final decisions about your dental care, our clinicians will take the time to explain your options. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and develop a personalized dental plan to meet your goals. We want every patient to feel in control and happy with their dental care. That is why we take consultations and treatment planning so seriously. See why our patients consider us the best dentists in Meridian!

Patient Education and Decay Prevention

Unlike some practices that only provide “disease care,” we focus on overall dental health care. We place a heavy emphasis on patient education and decay prevention. Our clinicians love talking with patients about preventive care and day-to-day oral hygiene routines. We understand the importance of preventing dental decay. We offer a wide range of preventive treatments, including routine exams, sealants, and even deep dental cleanings to ward off early gingivitis. Our clinicians are also trained to spot the early signs of oral cancers and other diseases that show symptoms in the mouth. That way, you have the chance to be proactive about your treatment.

The Mouth-Body Connection

The oral cavity is full of bacteria, and sometimes dental decay can leach into your bloodstream. This can cause widespread systemic inflammation. Some diseases, such as diabetes, can even affect the amount of oral bacteria present in your mouth, which can make the decay worse. Studies show that health problems including migraines, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and even obesity have ties to your oral health. Our goal is to help our patients maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums. We want them to avoid these potentially debilitating—and sometimes fatal—issues.

Continuing Education and Proper Training

The dental industry is ever changing, which is why our clinicians, hygienists, and assistants focus on continuing education. Our team members often attend dental lectures, conventions, and professional association meetings. They learn more about the latest tools, procedures, research, and recommended standards. Our office is also committed to using the best dental equipment so our patients get premium dental care.

A Fun, Positive Dental Experience

Last but not least, we recognize the importance of providing a fun, positive environment for all our patients. We want you and your entire family to have a great time meeting with our clinicians and addressing your dental needs. We worked hard to make our Meridian dental office quiet and serene. In our lobby you will find toys for the kids to play with, and all of our procedure rooms have a wide array of amenities to make you more comfortable.

Experience the Gold Standard at Millennium Family Dentistry

Find out how we bring the mouth-body connection and quality dental care together for a positive dental experience that will leave you happier and healthier. Call our office today to schedule your first appointment at Millennium Family Dentistry.

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