5 Ways to Pack a Healthier Lunch

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5 tips to pack a healthy lunch from your Meridian family dentist.

Preparing meals can be a daunting task! With all the choices out there and with the desire you have to try and eat healthy, preparing your lunch can feel overwhelming. Your family dentist in Meridian has some tips to help you pack a healthier lunch that is better for your health and teeth. Prioritize Your […]

5 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

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Put lemons, limes, and oranges in your water to prevent bad breath.

We all suffer from bad breath on occasion. For 25-30% of us, it is an embarrassing problem we deal with on a regular basis. Millennium Family Dental cares about your family’s oral health on a day to day basis, not just every six months. We know it’s challenging to manage all the dental needs of […]

5 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

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5 foods that can whiten your teeth.

Why is it that some of our favorite foods stain our teeth? Things like soda, coffee, black tea, wine, and even blueberry pie are delicious, but can be harmful if consumed too much. We’re excited to tell you that there is balance in mother nature! There are natural ways to counter staining foods, which are […]

The Mouth-Body Connection

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the mouth-body connection is a real thing.

The mouth-body connection has gained the attention of the medical community as a whole. It might surprise you to learn that the health of your mouth could be a factor in chronic illnesses. Don’t Think This is Relevant To You? According to the Center for Disease Control, “One out of every two American adults aged […]

I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed. Now What?

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Wisdom teeth removal in Meridian can be a very easy procedure with little invasiveness.

So it’s time to get your wisdom teeth out and you’re feeling a little apprehensive. It’s completely understandable to be nervous and unsure of what to expect. But we at Millennium Family Dental have you covered. We are able to remove your wisdom teeth in our office which is a unique qualification. The advanced technology […]

Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

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get sleep apnea treatment in Meridian

Lots of people snore, but did you know your snoring may be a major health concern? If you have considered treatment for snoring, you may want to pause and ask if you have sleep apnea. Snoring is not merely a nuisance – it is a risk factor for sleep apnea, which can have short-term and […]

Top 10 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know

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Read the top 10 things your Meridian family dentist wants you to know.

We love to see those beautiful, healthy smiles. But sometimes it’s hard to keep them that way. Here is some advice from your Meridian family dentistry to you to keep those pearly whites sparkling. Dental Health Affects Your Body The condition of your mouth can tell a lot about you. Having healthy teeth and gums […]

The Dangers of Over-Whitening

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get FREE teeth whitening in Meridian today!

It’s 2018, and it seems like everyone wants a super white smile. But, as your Meridian cosmetic dentist, we want you to know the risks and rewards for at-home teeth whitening. Let’s help you make the right decision for your pearly whites. At-Home Whitening Risks There are countless products marketed as whiteners for your teeth […]

Travel Safe This Holiday!

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travel safe this holiday.

The holiday season is full of a lot of traveling for millions of people. It is important to make smart preparations to travel save, with less stress. Your Meridian family dentist has some helpful travel tips to consider. Check Your Flight No matter where you are flying, it is important to check your flight often. […]

Pumpkins are Good For Your Teeth!

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Pumpkins are actually good for your teeth!

The time of year full of holiday cheer is fast upon us. Fall is in full swing, and with Thanksgiving coming soon, there will be lots of great food to go around. One of the best and most popular fall ingredients is pumpkin. There are so many yummy things to make using pumpkin including pumpkin […]