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Our dentists have helped many patients who required fillings that would improve the appearance of their smile. We understand that the way your smile appears to others has a strong impact on your mental health. Your oral health is equally important because if you don’t have a cavity filled, you could suffer from a severe infection that costs you the entire tooth.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Fillings in the past were made of metallic alloys such as gold, steel and mercury. The mercury content of traditional fillings became a concern because excess mercury levels in the blood can be really bad for your health. Over time, advanced technologies allowed dentists to be able to offer fillings made of safer materials that bond better to your teeth. Tooth colored fillings are made of a composite that contains resin, porcelain, glass or quartz.

What is so convenient about these fillings is that they can be shaded to match the exact color of your teeth, making them invisible to the untrained eye. Before these fillings existed, patients who had fillings made of heavy metals practically advertised that they once had a cavity whenever they smiled. We know that this could impact your self-esteem and be a source of embarrassment or shame.

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Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

Our dentists will suggest what type of filling would be most appropriate for you depending on the location of the tooth that needs repair, other medical factors that need to be considered and your personal preferences. If he suggests composite fillings, he will do so because he believes there is a greater benefit to them over traditional fillings. Here are some of the reasons they may be better for you.

  • More of your tooth is saved: When you receive a filling, you lose some of your tooth during the procedure. After the infected area is removed, grinding the tooth removes even more tooth area to make room for the filling. Composite fillings conform to the shape of your cavity so that we will not need to grind as much of your tooth away.
  • A more natural look: As mentioned, tooth colored fillings will mimic the actual appearance of your tooth so well that nobody would ever give a second thought when seeing your smile. This aesthetic advantage has a great appeal for many of our patients.
  • Durability: The reason why heavy metals were such a popular material for fillings in the past was that they were far more durable than any of the materials available at the time. The materials we can use in resin fillings are just as durable and even form better bonds with your tooth. This means that they won’t fall out as easily as a metal filling might.
  • Easy to repair: In the event that composite fillings do break, they are easier to fix than traditional ones. In the past, the entire filling would need to be replaced but this is no longer the case.
  • Fewer visits are required: Traditional fillings require two visits while our dentists can complete the procedure for tooth colored fillings in just one day. There is no need to wait after an inlay to bond the resin to your tooth, so you’ll be on your way a lot faster.
  • Faster recovery: Composite fillings allow you to return to normal eating habits a lot faster than metallic fillings would. Most patients can resume their normal routines the same day as the procedure.
  • Composite fillings are free of heavy metals: Some patients have legitimate concerns over the heavy metal components of traditional fillings. This issue is resolved because these fillings are metal-free.
  • They function like actual teeth: Metal is very rigid and doesn’t have any give to it while resin is more malleable and flexible. This will mimic the structure of an actual tooth. You won’t be able to feel the filling at all and it has just enough flex to remain strong without sacrificing comfort.

There may be instances in which traditional fillings would be a more logical fit, such as when your cavity is located in the back of your mouth rather than in one of your front teeth. We will consult with you so that you can make the most informed decision on the type of procedure you select. We will take into account factors such as your health history, which option is most affordable and more.

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