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The objective of any orthodontic treatment is to diagnose, correct, and prevent teeth and jaw-related issues. Installing braces is part of the interventions commonly administered to patients. Contrary to popular belief, braces are not just tools that enhance teeth aesthetics. They do so much more than give you the perfect smile.

They also help patients take better care of their teeth and gums and straighten the jaw to improve biting and chewing so that they can eat better. The overall result of using braces is improved dental health.

What are Braces?

Braces are dental correcting devices used by orthodontists to rectify teeth placement issues. The dental tools align and straighten crooked teeth. They also place crowded teeth into their proper position and rectify misaligned jaws.

While most patients get braces during their teen years, any age is appropriate for this teeth and jaw correcting tool. You only need to have healthy teeth and jaws to avoid tooth decay or gum disease while using braces.

Typical Parts on Braces

  • Brackets – are tiny metal, ceramics, or plastic squares placed on the front or back of a tooth. Their function is to hold the archwires.
  • Archwire – is the wire that performs all the heavy lifting.
  • Orthodontic bands – transparent, colored, or metallic orthodontic cement placed on the teeth to secure the brackets in place.
  • Spacers – they create tiny spaces for the orthodontic bands.
  • Ligatures – elastic rubbers that hold the archwire.
  • Buccal tube – secures the end of the archwire on the last teeth.
  • Ties – small rubber rings that hold the archwire to the brackets

Types of Braces

Traditional braces were noticeable, heavy, and slow. With the help of technology, braces today are small, comfortable, and efficient. They also quickly correct dental irregularities.

Furthermore, braces today can be fixed or removable. Fixed braces are inserted and removed by the orthodontist. On the other hand, a patient can take off braces without the intervention of an orthodontist. It is advisable not to take off removable braces frequently or for long periods because it slows down the rectification process.

Metal Braces

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Children and teenagers commonly use metal braces. They are the design of the traditional braces – only smaller and lighter. They contain brackets and an archwire held together by elastic ties.

We use dental cement to secure each bracket on the teeth and then install the archwire between each bracket. The wire rectifies protrusions and contortions and applies enough pressure on the teeth for correct positioning.

There is no need to remind yourself to put on braces with these braces. We advise on maintaining your oral hygiene to prevent teeth and gum infections. We adjust the wire after every four to eight weeks.

No matter what your needs are, we want your dental visit to be as convenient and comfortable as possible, so schedule an appointment for your whole family at our office today!

Ceramic Braces

If you want permanent braces that are more invisible, then ceramic braces are the best option. The dental device is structured just like metal braces with brackets and an archwire. However, the brackets are similar in color to your teeth – so only the wires are noticeable. They are a good option for adults or teenagers who want to correct their teeth and jaw while maintaining discretion. We recommend these braces when teeth crowding is moderate.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to metal and ceramic braces – they too have brackets and an archwire. However, the archwire connects with the braces through clips instead of elastic rubber. The clip is easy to adjust. We recommend these braces for patients with increased discomfort sensitivity, low tolerance for lengthy procedures, or developmental delays.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are more specialized than other fixed braces. They are fixed behind the teeth, giving you more discretion. They are also fully customized for you and provide greater efficiency. They are a good option for adults with severe dental problems but require invisibility during the intervention period.

On the flip side, lingual braces can induce a slight lisp and tongue discomfort before your mouth adjusts to the foreign object. The strangeness can last for several weeks before returning to ‘normalcy.’

Clear Aligners

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If you have minimal to moderate dental issues, this removal aligner is the best option for you. It addresses open bites, teeth crookedness, and jaw misalignments. The aligners are transparent, allow easy brushing and flossing, and require fewer abrupt appointments.

We administer the aligners in sets during each dental visit. Every aligner is worn for two weeks, and each subsequent set repositions your teeth into the desired posture.

The Treatment Process

At Millennium Family Dental, treatment starts after scheduling an appointment with us. We assess your teeth and jaw during your first appointment to develop a prognosis. We then provide you with the best option for your teeth. Treatment varies from patient to patient because of the uniqueness of each case.

Once we fit your braces, we schedule other meetings monthly. The appointments are for adjusting ligatures and accessing the rectification progress. Your results determine the next course of action.

The length of treatment depends on the patient’s condition and ability to adhere to treatment protocols. Traditional braces are worn from two to three years. While clear aligners may be in use for a few months. If the patient’s condition is severe, we may recommend other interventions alongside the use of braces.

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