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“We pride ourselves in listening and finding out what our patients want, and we do everything we can to put them at ease so they enjoy coming here. We focus on people as a whole. We’re family.”

“We do have ways to help kids who may have sleep disordered breathing through early detection. This includes making sure that their jaws develop properly to make room for all their teeth to come in.”

“The typical time, with the same day crown, is just a couple of hours. It used to take days. Now there is no need for a temporary crown, and you’re all set to come and go with your new crown in the same day.”

“We love coming to Millennium Family Dental because I know they’re looking out for our best interests. They’re experienced and honest. They make it feel easy and comfortable to be here.”

“I needed to make a difference… I was waking up 4 or 5 times a night and snoring really bad. Now, I sleep all night long, and I’m awake in the morning. It’s changed a lot.”

“With dental implants, its easy to place an implant in the space left by a missing tooth, preserving the other natural teeth. They act like normal teeth, and they’re easy to take care of.”

“We believe in a total health philosophy. We treat people, not teeth. As dentists, we see a lot of signs of sleep apnea. We can help patients discover treatment options, like a mouthpeice or appliance.”

“We can treat the whole body, not just periodontal disease in the mouth. It can lead to bone loss, tooth loss, and even develop into problems with your heart. We can help prevent anything going wrong with your health.”

“We have some patients that come in with fears, and we have different stages of sedation to help you with that. It’s a great opportunity for patients to feel comfortable and at peace to get the work done that they need.”

“We really enjoy doing the cosmetic side of dentistry. It’s so fun to transform their smiles, it’s satisfying for us, and it makes a huge impact on patients.”

“With dental implants, we can stabilize dentures. It changes how patients are able to eat better foods, and foods that are better for you, which is important for your total body health.”

“We have patients come in everyday asking how they can improve their smile; Invisalign is a great option for kids and adults. Its a simple and easy process, and we’re there every step of the way with you.”

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