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dental implants are permanent solutions to tooth loss.If you are one of the millions of Americans who is living with tooth loss, you might be familiar with the pain, embarrassment, and questions involved with having a gap-toothed smile. In addition to making it hard to talk and chew properly, living without one or more teeth can also affect your overall dental health, causing your teeth to spread apart and look unsightly. Fortunately, modern dental science has an incredibly effective solution: dental implants in Meridian. Simply put, dental implants are artificial teeth that are anchored into your jaw with a small titanium rod. Here are just a few of the powerful benefits of dental implants, and why they are worth every penny.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Simpler Dental Care

    If you wear dentures or partials, you might be familiar with the hassles involved with daily care. In addition to carefully cleaning and sanitizing your dentures, you might also worry about dropping and breaking them. However, taking care of dental implants is easy because they are anchored directly into your jaw tissue. After implants are installed, they only require the same basic brushing, flossing, and rinsing like the rest of your natural teeth.

  • Better Oral Health

    Dental implants can also keep your mouth healthier because they only need regular dental hygiene. Also, since implants don’t put strain on the surrounding teeth, you can protect your smile and keep your mouth comfortable.

  • Preserve Bone Tissue

    One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is the preservation of bone tissue. When you talk and chew, your teeth move slightly in their sockets, which stimulates your jaw tissue and keeps it healthy. Dental implants recreate this stimulation, halting bone loss and protecting your face shape.

  • Incredibly Realistic Appearance

    Modern dental implants are also incredibly realistic. They are rooted directly into your jaw bone, so there are no wires, brackets, or retainers to worry about holding the artificial tooth in place. Additionally, modern crowns are customized especially for your smile and mimic the color and opacity of the rest of your teeth.

  • Greater Confidence

    Dental implants allow people to feel more confident, since they won’t have to worry about their teeth moving or slipping as they talk or eat. Also, since they look like your natural teeth, you will have more confidence in your smile.

  • Cost Effective

    Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are made to last a lifetime. Although implants tend to cost more upfront, they pay for themselves because you won’t have to worry about getting them replaced or refitted.

  • Sustain a Healthier Diet

    The permanence of dental implants also helps people enjoy a healthier diet. When you don’t have to worry about your teeth slipping or falling out, you can enjoy a variety of crunchy grains, vegetables, and fruits without worry.

The Dental Implant Installation ProcessTo see if you qualify for dental implants in Meridian, contact us today.

Like some other restorative or cosmetic dental procedures, dental implant installation is more of a process than a singular event. Here are the steps to a routine dental implant installation.

  1. Your Initial Dental Implant Consultation

    The first step an initial implant consultation with Dr. Gerard, Dr. Smith, or Dr. Pieper, our premiere implant dentists in Meridian. During this consultation, they will carefully inspect your teeth and gums. They will look for problems that need to be addressed before implants can be placed. During this appointment, the doctors will also talk with you about your medical history and dental goals. That way, they will determine whether or not implants are right for you.

  2. Understanding the Timeline

    Because every person’s mouth is different, the implant dentists in Meridian will work with you to establish a dental implant placement timeline. If you are recovering from periodontal disease or a serious trauma, your teeth and gum tissue may need restorative procedures prior to implant placement. On average, dental implants can take between 6 to 8 months to put in place, but they can take upwards of a year. Sometimes this timeline can’t be established until further testing is completed.

  3. Preparing the Area

    If you are a candidate for dental implants and you can commit to the timeline, the doctors may need to prepare your gum and bone tissue before the area is ready for implants. Bone tissue needs to be thick and deep enough to sustain implants securely, which is why some people need bone grafting prior to surgery.

  4. Placing the Post

    When your jaw tissue is healthy and strong enough, the doctors will place the titanium post into your jaw. This post is actually referred to as the implant, and it is installed under very powerful anesthetic. During placement, a small incision will be made in your gum tissue, and then the post will be firmly placed. Next, they will insert an abutment that will hold your final crown. After the post and abutment are in place, the area needs to heal for several months.

  5. Placing the Final Crown

    After the implant site has healed and the post remains strong, your implant dentists will put the final crown in place. Your dental implant will look and feel just like a normal tooth after placement because of the time spent healing.

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