Protect Your Teeth This Summer

Protect your teeth this summer with our family dentistry's helpful tips.
Protect your teeth this summer with our family dentistry's helpful tips.

Summertime is here! Maybe you think of watermelon at picnics, baseball games, or backyard barbecues. Or maybe you’re planning an adventure with the family. Perhaps you or your kids are playing on a variety of sports teams. But do you also consider the damage summer activities can do to your teeth? And we’re not talking about sun damage (we’re cosmetic dentists, not dermatologists!). Injuries to the mouth are quite common. They can go with summer adventures and sports, like a ball to the face, a blind jump off the diving board, or a trip-and-fall next to the picnic table. We know you don’t want to wear a mouth guard 24/7, but the absence of mouth guards during sports can cause teeth to get cracked and broken all summer long. Fortunately for teeth all over Meridian, we are here to save the day—and smiles!

How Your Meridian Cosmetic Dentist Can Help

As one of the best family dentist practices in Meridian, we’re here to help your pearly whites stay healthy and happy for all those summer photo ops. When playing sports, remember the difference a mouth guard can make. Sometimes also called mouth protectors, they can help to cushion a blow to the mouth and protect your teeth, gums, and jaw. Your upper teeth are generally farther forward than your lower teeth, so they are at greater risk. They have a bigger chance of breaking, cracking, and getting knocked out. Your lower teeth are usually protected by the top teeth.

Millennium Family Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry and can help, should an accident happen. Our doctors can repair emergency tooth loss, as well as cosmetic issues, like cracks or misalignment. When these injuries cause pain, chewing problems, speech impairments, or embarrassment, don’t hesitate to let us help! Bridges can fix tooth loss by adhering a pontic (the replacement tooth) between two other teeth using crowns on the adjacent teeth (a “bridge”). For cracked, broken, chipped, or worn down teeth, a crown placed over the visible part of the tooth can make it look healthy again. Many minor injuries and cosmetic mishaps can be easily fixed with veneers, making all your teeth the same shade and size.

From veneers and implants to bridges, crowns, and dentures, we can make sure your pearly whites stay picture perfect so that you always want to smile! If you experience tooth damage, call Millennium Family Dentistry today.