Happy Halloween!

Protect your teeth this summer with our family dentistry's helpful tips.
Your Meridian family dentist wishes you a happy halloween!

Halloween is here! And so are those tricks and treats, although there are considerably more treats than tricks. That’s why your family dentist in Meridian wants to give you some tricks to keep your teeth healthy during the treat season. Even if your little ones dress up as superheroes for the night, their teeth still need protection. So arm yourself with these tips and have a happy Halloween!

  1. See the Dentist

    First and foremost, make sure you visit Millennium Family Dental regularly to get your teeth cleaned and catch problems early.

  2. Timing is Everything

    When you eat a meal, your saliva production is at its peak, and saliva helps to fight the acid-causing bacteria. If you eat your sweets right after a meal, your saliva production will be on pointe and you’ll minimize the harm of the sugar.

  3. Water Saves the Day

    Any time you’re able to drink a lot of water, it helps to wash your mouth and flush bacteria away. If you can help it, fluoridated water will be even more helpful for your teeth and make them stronger! Along this line, avoid those sugary drinks. All that sugar makes your teeth and gums much more vulnerable to disease, so stick with the water this holiday season.

  4. Keep Snacks Healthy

    If you’re a snacker, don’t reach for the extra Halloween candy. Eating candy during the day with no other food to mitigate the sugar on the teeth is bad news! Any time you have candy sitting on your teeth you’re increasing your risk for cavities.

  5. Meals, not Candy

    Choose healthy meals to eat that fill you up and don’t make you want or “need” a snack later. The more you can avoid the sweets, the sweeter your visit to the dentist will be!

  6. The Right Stuff

    If you can avoid gummi and hard candies, you’ll be better off. Hard candy tends to stay in the mouth longer, increasing the effect of the sugar. Gummi candy tends to stick between the teeth easier, making for more opportunity for bacteria growth.

  7. Maintenance is Key!

    As usual, brush your teeth at least twice per day and always follow up with flossing! Brushing can’t quite get between the teeth, but flossing will save the day.

Come see your cosmetic dentist in Meridian and get all the tricks you need for a healthy mouth.

Happy Halloween!