The Dangers of Over-Whitening

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It’s 2018, and it seems like everyone wants a super-white smile. But, as your Meridian cosmetic dentist, we want you to know the risks and rewards of at-home teeth whitening. Let’s help you make the right decision for your pearly whites.

At-Home Whitening Risks

There are countless products marketed as whiteners for your teeth at the grocery store. There are also a ton of at-home recipes you can concoct to put on your teeth. But do-it-yourself whitening can be harsh and unhealthy for your teeth if you’re not careful. Enamel damage, tooth sensitivity, and gum tissue irritation are some of the most common negative symptoms. Some people also experience rougher or softer tooth surfaces. In extreme cases, people can get tooth fracturing and damage to dental work, like restorations, implants, or crowns.

How it Works

Teeth-bleaching substances don’t just sit on top of your teeth; they seep into the teeth. Teeth are porous, like a sponge, and the chemicals seep into the tiny holes, penetrating the teeth and oxidizing their way through. When left on too long, or if the chemicals are too harsh, they can inflame the deeper layers of the tooth dentin and cause pain and hypersensitivity.

Other Issues

Your gums are made of very soft tissue that can get inflamed from teeth-whitening kits. The harsh chemicals meant for your outer tooth enamel are not meant to sit on your gums. And while gum tissue is very resilient and can repair the damage, waging war on it over and over again isn’t a good idea.

Bleaching agents can also worsen a tendency for canker sores. If you’re prone to getting them, at-home teeth whitening can make it worse.

There is also a risk of losing enamel. When we damage the outer parts of our enamel, our amazing bodies can usually repair the damage. Sometimes the damage goes beyond repair when you use too harsh chemicals too often. This can cause even more discoloration and get you into a vicious cycle of bleaching and damage.


Visit your Meridian cosmetic dentist for all the latest and safest tooth-whitening procedures. In-office treatments are much safer and give you faster and more effective results. And, if you are a new patient, you can get FREE teeth whitening in Meridian for life! Call us today for an appointment and we’ll get you that smile you’ve always wanted.